Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Handy hints and tips for designing an effective leaflet

Some handy hints and tips for designing a leaflet, that will hopefully help your business to stand out:

1.    Headline - make it attention grabbing, to keep the customer interested
2.    Easy to read font
3.    Include images - pictures can say more than words especially when you are trying to sell a product or service
4.    Bullet points rather than long sentences - if you tell the customer too much they will lose interest.
5.    Include ‘Power’ words - free, bargain, bonus, save, special, offer. Try and incorporate these words into the text naturally
6.    Use blank space - makes it easier to read - less is more
7.    Choose the right material and weight of paper
8.    Include a call of action / incentive - this will ensure people don’t just throw the leaflet away
9.    Include contact details - telephone number, email address, website 

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