Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Plastic Card Security

Plastic Card Features

There are many features which can be included on your plastic membership cards to make them extra secure. Some of these include:

Signature Panel 
Add single or multiple signature panels to your cards to prove identity or as an added security measure. Some of these include:

We are fully equipped to apply a barcode to your plastic cards. QR and Aztec codes can also be added. 

Raised letters and/or numbers and tipped in a range of metallic foils and colours to give your cards the traditional bank card look.

Magnetic Stripes - Lo-Co and Hi-Co

Hi-Co magnetic stripes are encoded with a stronger magnetic field that makes them more suitable for secure applications and those where the care is frequently swiped. They are black in colour - Credit and Debit Cards, Library Cards, Employee ID Cards

Lo-Co magnetic stripes are more of a brownish hue and use a lower intensity magnetic field. - Gift Cards, Membership Cards, Hotel Room Cards, Supermarket Club Cards 

Holograms are a way of enhancing the appearance and adding extra security to your plastic cards. 

ID and Photo Cards
Add photos and individual data to your plastic cards for extra security.

Plastic cards are a great way of promoting your business and creating brand awareness. They are highly durable, helping you make a long lasting impression.

If you would like to know more about the benefits of plastic cards, please email us at or visit our website here: Plastic membership cards


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