Friday, 3 April 2009

Promotional Products in the Recession

Promotional products are still a large part of business even in the midst of a recession.

The recession may have taken its toll on companies globally and on our marketing budgets, but promotional items are still very useful in good times and bad.

Some promotional items are used as everyday products such as mouse mats, promotional pens and calendars. All of the previously mentioned items can be very cost effective and will not take a big slice out of your marketing budgets.

Nearly every person who owns a computer (apart from you laptop users) have a mouse mat. At Royale Graphics we produce calendar mouse mats each year for our customers and potential customers. They have proved to be very beneficial to our business over the years as they are an all year round advertising tool.
Everybody uses a pen throughout the day (maybe not as much as we used to before people discovered email) Again these are a good advertising tool and are extremely cost effective as they can cost very little. Calendars and CD Calendars are a useful advertising tool. Our favourites at Royale Graphics are CD Calendars as they are displayed on your desk all year round. (Also it may be due to the fact that CD Calendars are another part of Royale Graphics CD Calendars can display a different message to your customers on each month insert. This could be promoting your products, a discount on a certain product for that particular month, or just as an advertising tool for displaying your company details.

Promotional items are not only used to attract potential customers, but also to retain your existing customers. They show your clients that you business is still going strong and retain your market share.

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