Thursday, 8 January 2015

Proofing for print checklist

Misprinted work can be costly, so we have put together a short checklist for proofing for print

1. Check the spelling, and then check again. Computerised spell checkers can miss mistakes so double check that all names, spellings and punctuation is correct - get fresh eyes to proof this too.

2. Check contact details. Telephone numbers, websites, emails, names and postal addresses - are these all correct?

3. Always print a proof out. Usually mistakes can be easier to spot on a hardcopy than they can on a screen. It also helps to see something at its ‘real’ size. Royale Graphics can provide you with digitally printed proofs if requested.

4. Check that all pages are included in the proof. Are they in the right order? Also make sure that the page numbers are correct (if applicable)

5. Check that all images or photos are included and in the correct positions.

6. Ensure readability of text.
Is the text easy to read and at the correct font size? Consider whitespace.

……and once you've checked all those, check again!

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