Monday, 20 February 2012

Olympic ticket printing

A few thoughts on the Olympic ticket contract being awarded to an American company -

At a time when thousands of UK print workers are losing their jobs on an annual basis, the £16m contract for the Olympic tickets printing has been awarded to a company in America by the British Government.
As with many industries, it has been a bad few years for print companies in the UK with quite a few of the larger printers having to close down. Another kick in the teeth for UK workers!
This country is worried about being 'green' and environmental issues, yet they are flying the ticket 4,500 miles. I'm sure with the cost of flying the tickets over, it would have been less expensive to use a printing company in the UK.
This is another great example of how this country does not help local businesses, and we wonder why so many are going into administration.
We should be thinking about boosting our own economy, not the American one.
The government said the Olympics would be good for business, but obviously not UK print companies.

Please feel free to add your own comments, let me know what you think about this decision.

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