Tuesday, 17 May 2011

QR Codes in Print

You may or may not have seen little black and white squares popping up on leaflets, advertising boards and even business cards.

They are called QR (Quick Response) codes and are 2D barcodes which can be viewed by most Smartphone’s which have the correct software installed. They were first developed in Japan in the 1990’s and used for tracking car parts.

QR Codes can be used to advertising all different types of data including:

• Text (marketing message)
• Website address
• Discount codes and coupons
• Contact details (telephone number or email address)
• Google map information
• Social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc
• Link to a Video

Some examples of ways that QR codes can be used in print include:

Business Cards
- Google map business location which your client can then get the directions from.
- Links to Social media sites so that the business card is less cluttered. (These could include a link to your Facebook business page, Twitter or Linkedin profiles).
- Link to your company website
- Contact details which will then be automatically be added to your phonebook.

Codes on your business cards will make them stand out and intrigue the receiver of the card. Also if any of the information gets updated instead of having to get your cards re-printed, the information can easily be updated online without the need for new cards or a new code.

Leaflets and Posters
- QR code for a video link to demonstrate one of your company’s products.
For example: At Royale Graphics we supply pressure seal machines for payslips. We could include a code on an advertising flyer which would then link to a demonstration video of how a pressure machine works.
- QR code on a leaflet or poster which links to a discount voucher code or mobile coupon.
- Link to a website address or a specific product page on a website.

- QR code which links to the nutritional information of a product.
- Link to recipes on your website.
- Voucher or discount code for money off on their next visit
- Link to a review site
- Links to Social media sites like Facebook

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