Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Tape seal mailers

We have a relatively new product which we have added to our website under the Mailers section.
Tape seal mailers are suitable for laser and inkjet printing. They are an A4 mailer which is sealed by hand using tapeseals positioned on three sides of the form.

Simply print your message onto the tape seal mailer using your laser or inkjet printer, peel the tapeseals off, fold it in half and press to seal. The recipients address can be seen through the acetate window, so it is ready to distribute without the need for envelopes. The recipient simply tears along the perforated edges to open.
We do keep plain tape seal mailers in our stock. We can however also manufacture and supply bespoke tape seal mailers to your requirements.

Applications for tape seal mailers include:
Statements / Remittance Advices, Pay Advices, Registration Forms, PIN Mailers, Membership Renewals, P60 end of year tax documents, Letters

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